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The capacity to learn is a gift;
the ability to learn is a skill;
the willingness to learn is a choice.
-- Brain Herbert
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The Madras Seva Sadan

Aims & Objects ( Extract from Memorandum of Assocation )

The Objects of the Association are to work for the amelioration, advancement and uplift of Men, Women, Boys & Girls in every sphere of life in Particular:

•To enable them to take their legitimate place in the progressive life of the nation without abandoning te distinctive genius and individuality of Indian me, women, boys & girls.

•To meet the urgent demand of Indian men, women, boys & girls of renascent India for knowledge, enlightenment and culture.

•To provide for general, academic , cultural, technical, industrial, vocational and other education, without distinction of caste, creed or class, serving the needs of the wealthy and indigent alike.

•To establish and maintain homes and provide residential accommodation and boarding for men, women, boys & girls receiving such educatin or training, without observing distinction of caste or creed provided however that food served shall only be vegetarian.

•To foster in home or hostel an atmosphere of friendliness and fellowship, to develop character and to bring into the life of everyone of the inmates a spirit of self- reliance and a sense of fulfillment of the ideas of love and service.

•To render necessary help and assistance to such as cannot afford to meet their expenses either in whole or in part.

•To open and maintain maternity homes, hospitals, foundling homes and allied institutions.

•To bring into existence a body of qualified sick nurses and midwives and teachers.

•To establish and conduct branches of Madras Seva Sadan as centres of training.
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